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Whose Life Are You Living Anyway?

Have You Hit a Wall? A few years ago,I opened Dr. James Hollis’s book, “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, How to Finally Really Grow Up.” I was met with a question that turned my world upside down. Had I ever considered that my life was being directed…
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Awakening to Your True Fierce and Free Womanhood

Be Awakened Do you ever pay attention to the part of you that just wants to be free? When I say “free,” I’m not talking about running away from your legitimate responsibilities. I’m talking about silencing the voices that come at us from all arenas of life: church, family, culture,…
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What is Anam Cara?

What in the world is Anam Cara? Well…after completing a DNA test through, I discovered that I’m 96% British Isles (English, Scottish and Irish) with a little German thrown in, wow!” As a result of this discovery, I began some research into the history of my predecessors. Gaelic is…
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A Place to Dream Again

I don’t know about you, but there was a time when I was so burdened down with the responsibilities of life that slowly…very slowly…I forgot to dream. Then, I just stopped dreaming. I stopped being curious about life and the people in my life. I stopped believing in possibilities. I…
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