It’s not too late, and you don’t need permission to make your dreams a reality.

The Path Forward was established to help women find the courage, curiosity, and permission needed to step into the next season of life with joy, wonder, passion, and freedom. We have all been confronted with wild twists, turns, and unexpected tests. Many are worried about what the future holds, and finding it hard to focus on what’s truly important to them. My passion is to come alongside those who dare to fully embrace their one true and beautiful life with purpose. There is only one person who can transform your current existence into the reality you desire…and that person is you! Books and podcasts provide insights and are helpful. But what we often need is a guide. A real-life person who has walked this path and can look you in the eyes as they help you walk yours. There is a way out of the fog. There is wholeness and clarity on the other side. I can get you there.

The Coaching Relationship

I offer the coaching method known as Whole Person Life CoachingTM, which recognizes you as a totally unique individual – mind, body, soul, and spirit – all-encompassing who you are as a whole, capable, creative person full of possibilities.

You, as the client, will lead the way toward your desired goals and I, as your coach, will come alongside to help guide you into the next season of your one true and beautiful life!

In order to change your reality, there can be no ”business as usual”. No status quo. Everything must change. Would you be willing to let your imagination go free and begin to explore new roads on your journey?

If so, I would like to invite you to sit down, pour a cup of tea, and take the first step forward.
Step 1
Discover Something New About Yourself

Before we begin scheduling our coaching sessions, you will complete the free discovery questionnaire by clicking the button below. These 12 questions will give you the opportunity to fine-tune your “why” around coaching. Your answers will also allow me a little peek into understanding how you view yourself, those around you, and the world. Go ahead, give yourself permission to try something different.

Step 2
Schedule a Confirmation Call

Once I have reviewed your discovery form, I will email you a link to my calendar to schedule a complimentary twenty (20) minute confirmation call where we will do a quick check-in to decide the next steps.

Individual Session

One (1) 50-minute coaching session

If a packaged session seems like more than you’re ready for now, let’s just start your path forward by spending one hour together and see where it takes us.

cost: $150

What Happens Next & How Much Does it Cost?

If you would like to continue with our coaching relationship you will have the opportunity to choose to step into all The Path Forward has to offer. You always have the option of booking individual coaching sessions with me at your discretion. However, if you choose a coaching package, pricing is discounted. I offer 6 week coaching sessions valued at $900.00. My upcoming sessions are open for enrollment and listed below. Spots are limited so Enroll Today to reserve your time slot and save $200.00.


For those interested in coaching with Barbara, three “paths” are offered in sequential order:


New Beginnings


These three paths are a step-by-step progression toward greater awareness and understanding. Transformation is the completion of the program. However, clients may continue with individual sessions if so desired.


$900 Value

Remember the little girl you were, full of joy, dreams, and passionate energy? Let’s work together to rediscover all that little girl was meant to be!


$900 Value

Your Sacred Journey to honor your True Essence where we will work to progress your development into a place of freedom.


$900 Value

Informed with new information, you will begin the work of creating a transformed life…the life you really want.

Interested in Personalized Enneagram Coaching?

Learn more about your personality

Benefits of studying the Enneagram:
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem

  • Improves positive thinking

  • Clears core emotional issues that relate to your personality type

  • Allows gentle and permanent letting go of many negative patterns

  • Brings about positivity and renewed sense of purpose

  • Establishes self-acceptance

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