Awakening to Your True Fierce and Free Womanhood

Be Awakened

Do you ever pay attention to the part of you that just wants to be free? When I say “free,” I’m not talking about running away from your legitimate responsibilities. I’m talking about silencing the voices that come at us from all arenas of life: church, family, culture, heritage, even ourselves … the voices that tell us we must, we should, don’t do this or that, we need to… whatever the demand might be?

PAY ATTENTION to the feelings that arise when you are faced with any of these “instructions.” Do you feel stifled, angry, confused, shamed, corrected and embarrassed? If you DO feel any of these emotions, stop and ask yourself, “Why?” When this happens, your soul, your spirit, your true self is attempting to awaken you to the ancient gift God intended to be a part of all women…that is the gift of deep intuition…deep knowing. It is the gift of trusting what you feel in your gut and not sabotaging or second guessing what you know is right for you.

Through centuries of radical patriarchy, misogyny, bad theology and misunderstandings, many women have lost sight of what was, and still is, built into our feminine DNA, our very identity. We have lost the traditional ways of our ancestors, in which the older women pass down stories that hold meaning and wisdom for our younger women. These stories shed light on the recognition that we are divinely designed to honor our truth, our intuition, our unique gifts and contributions to the world.

As we mature and become more awakened, it benefits us to ask ourselves if we have short changed who we really are. Awakening requires great courage, and there can be no business as usual. Everything must change. I’m asking (gently) if you would give yourself permission to think outside the box to consider what it would take for you to experience freedom in ways you never have before.

Give Yourself Permission to Try Something Different.

Within the women’s community (coming soon) we will take time to do this together. We will have regular book club discussions, real time Q & A sessions, and opportunities for you to make your own contributions to the group based upon your experiences of awakening.

And so, I leave you today with this challenge. Will you continue to stay caught up in the minutia…the smallest details of life that deplete your precious energy, keeping you busy with meaningless and trivial activities so that you stay asleep? Such a life causes women to settle; to live without joy, depth, challenge, richness, vitality and fulfillment. OR, will you give yourself permission to come along for the ride of a lifetime as together we launch into newfound freedom, greater awareness and a deep understanding of our true fierce and free womanhood?

Ever on The Path Forward,
Coach Barbara
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