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If you’re still wondering whether life coaching is for you, or if you have questions about the coaching process or the Enneagram, feel free to message me using the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Path Forward’s Mission?

The Path Forward’s mission is to come alongside women and encourage them to discover the courage, curiosity, and permission to step into the next season of their life with joy, wonder, passion, and freedom.

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What type of coaching does The Path Forward offer?

We offer the coaching method known as Whole Person Coaching, which recognizes you as a totally unique individual – mind, body, soul, and spirit – encompassing all of who you are as a whole, capable, creative person full of possibilities.

You, as the client, will lead the way toward your desired goals and I, as your coach, will come alongside to help guide you into the next season of your one true and wonderful life.

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What is the Enneagram?

It simply means nine types in Greek and is a map that illuminates nine distinct patterns of the human personality. It is the most powerful and practical system available for increasing emotional and social intelligence to create and sustain thriving relationships both personal and professional.

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How will whole life coaching benefit me?

As you and I work together, some of your results will include:

  • Feeling seen, heard, and validated
  • Being encouraged to be vulnerable in a safe space
  • Gaining new insight into your goals
  • Seeing your dreams become a reality
  • Gaining confidence to live in new freedom
  • Reframing old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Developing greater self-awareness
  • Better understanding of relational dynamics
  • Recognizing the next steps in your life goals
  • Refocusing and embracing forward change
  • Reclaiming your authority
  • Recognizing the permission to fully embrace yourself and your life
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Is The Path Forward a prepackaged program or is it unique to each client?

The Path Forward sessions are uniquely designed toward each client’s specific goals. You, as the client, are always in the lead, and I come alongside and gently guide by asking questions that are thought-provoking and can penetrate long-held patterns to reveal clarity and new perspectives. Each session is tailored to meet your needs and goals.

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How does The Path Forward process work?

Before we begin scheduling our coaching sessions, you will complete a brief questionnaire. Your answers will allow me a little peek into understanding how you view yourself, those around you, and the world. You also have the opportunity to ask questions you may have about the coaching relationship.

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Once I receive the questionnaire, we will schedule a 20-minute confirmation call. On this call, we will determine the next steps for working together on the path forward.

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