Journey of Discovery

The Journey of Discovery

From the moment we were born, we learned how to get attention and we developed behaviors to ensure we were seen and heard. Once firmly established, these behaviors helped fulfill our need for love, inclusion and acceptance. These behaviors became our ego and we used them like armor to protect our tender hearts. As we went through life, the roles we played became our false self. In playing these roles, we were served well. We could keep our egos intact, stay safe and hidden behind the idealized version in which we saw ourselves. Over time, our True Self, the person we were created to be, was dwarfed and we lost connection with that Divine Spark within us. It’s still there waiting to be remembered and brought into the light.

In 500 AD, Augustine wrote in ‘Confessions’, “How can you draw close to God when you are far from your own self?” He prayed: “Grant, Lord, that I may know myself that I may know thee.” To know yourself, to remember that part of you created in the likeness of God, begins your transformation. Finding that magnificent light within you, your True Self, is the goal on your journey of discovery; a journey that reveals the unique brilliance you alone can bring into the world. 

Along my journey, I have learned that in order to move forward into becoming a whole person, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally, it is incredibly healing to go back…not to get stuck there, but to intentionally consider the motivations of our long-lived patterns of behavior. 

This journey will involve hard work, reflection, honesty and quiet meditation in order to reveal lifelong patterns and bring us into a greater awareness of the motivations behind our behaviors. Once discovered, our purpose, our joy and delight will become more and more evident if we are willing to open our minds to new ways of looking at ourselves.

With the help of personal life coaching, I have been on this journey myself. I have discovered so many new things, and awakened to new possibilities and greater personal freedom. I have experienced pain, tears and grief, but through it, I have also recognized a greater purpose and a clearer vision for this time in my life. I have never been more excited or more alive than I am right now.

Have you ever considered there’s more to you than meets the eye?

I invite you to join me and many others who, just like you, have made the commitment to step into alignment with their soul’s urgent prompting to dare to take the courageous step into the next season of life…a season of discovery, awareness, passion and freedom!

Ever on The Path Forward,
Coach Barbara

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